Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trend| Celine Handbags

There is no way that anyone reading this blog (whom i assume to all be avid fashion-atics) have not noticed a particular brand of purses that has exploded in popularity, even over taking the much drooled over Birkin Hermes bag. It has been seen on the arms of every celebrity you can think of and comes at a lower price point than the previous mentioned fad bag with no shortage of color and style options to choose from that still give their signature look. Not to mention wearability, because of the size most can even be used as overnight or carry-on luggage.

The Céline bag.

The most popular and widely recognized is the Celine Luggage Tote (also comes in Mini) or Luggage Phantom:
Then there is the Box Bag. Which is a little more formal and can be worn with essential any outfit:

And my personal fav, the Celine Trapeze bag. Which kind of combines the two previously mentioned:

Here is a sneak peak of the Celine Fall 2013 collection instagrammed by fashion journalist Jim Shi.

 Celebs & their Celine's

Dakota Fanning| Miley Cyrus| Nicole Richie| Emma Roberts| Oprah| Rihanna| Jennifer Garner| Nicky Hilton| Bar Rafaeli| Kourtney Kardashian| Jessica Simpson| Kim Kardashian| Kanye West


  1. I absolutely love the Celine Boston totes! It's is at the very top of my currently craving list. I would either get it in cobalt blue or black.


  2. I love this brand
    Great selection of photos


  3. I love celin bag!!! In all sizes!!! It's such a statement piece and I love the post you have put together...beautiful <3


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