Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trend| Metal Belt

The Metal Belt is one of the hottest trends right now. It walks on the boarder of being a belt and a piece of statement jewelery.... but around your waist. And it easily crosses over from adding an edgy pump to a summer dress into adding curves to a winter coat. The biggest stars have been wearing them casually and on the red carpet, showing the belts versatility. If a full metal belt is too much for you ASOS also offers a few more suttle variations with black leather beneath metal pieces, also still very chic!
Below i added where you can get the look for less - I personally have a couple styles of this myself.. One is #7 below, and another from Foreign Exhange (similar to #6) that you can see a peak of here in the curly ombre' hair photo. What do you think of this trend?

Metal Belt Trend

Get the look for less: 1. Spiked Plate Detail Waist Belt ASOS $19 | 2. Warehouse Chevron Waist Belt ASOS $39 | 3. Pu Skinny Waist Belt CHICNOVA $15 | 4. Clean Metal Bar Belt TOPSHOP $50 | 5. Triangle Metal Plate ASOS $26 | 6. Skinny Clean Metal Belt TOPSHOP $36 | 7. Curve Plate & Spike Detail Waist Belt ASOS $19

Giuliana Rancic| Kim Kardashian| Kelly Rowland| Gweneth Paltrow| Marion Cotillard


  1. Oh wow, I should get one of those too! It just puts the whole outfit nicely together and makes it look so feminine! Thank you for this great tip! <3

  2. Gwyneth♥

  3. I am a big fan of metal belts and always on the lookout for one. Thanks for the list, you've provided some good choices with my fav being #3.


  4. xmm!I think that i should get one of those too! :P

  5. it looks cool but still will not be all it fit :)

  6. definitely love this trend!

  7. i'm definitely going to get my hand on one of these belts! love #7 most!



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